Frosty Season Has Arrived

More Efficiency. More Sustainability. Faster Delivery. Frost Colorant is the easy choice when you need a quick and economical way to make a product stand out.

As an alternative to Painted Frost, Frost Colorant offers the same frosty look but without the additional processing—cutting your lead-times and costs. The frost is part of the colorant, so your product comes straight out of the mold with a sleek, cool finish, eliminating the potentially harmful impacts of painting. We are now offering both Frost Colorant and Painted Frost for all of our jars.

Can you spot the difference?

The Battle of the Best: Painted Frost v. Frost Colorant

Check out the image to the left, and see if you can spot the difference. The two options look almost identical with the same great appearance. Compare them for yourself.
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Colors to Choose

Frost colorant comes in a variety of colors, so your product will be uniquely yours. Let us develop the perfect color for you.
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