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From Potato to Plastic

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to continuous research on the most cutting-edge feedstocks in the industry.
We have developed the ability to use starch-based bio-resin, and we are eager to partner with our customers to help create a sustainable future. Bio-resins take the place of fossil-fuel-based resins, reducing non-renewable oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%. Check out the video above for more info!
Recycled and Recyclable Feedstock
We design from recycled materials and for recyclability. We have developed the ability to use PET + PCR, rather than PETG, in our jars to increase recyclability and sustainable feedstock. We are excited to expand this to any custom product.
We can also use PP PCR in many of our PP products to increase the use of recycled feedstock.
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More Sustainability

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