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Our Lean Journey, Your Value

Lean is what we are—in all that we do. See how our Lean culture will benefit your costs, lead times, designs, innovations, quality, and service.

3 Facilities in USA and China

1000s of Tons of Machines

1 Worldwide Family

We Are Certified

· Jars
· Jar Caps
· Compacts
· Seal Disks & Liners
· Custom Products
· ISO9001:2015 (China)
· BRCGS Packaging Issue 6
· GMP (compliant)

Always Transparent

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The Power of Lean

Lean is more than tools and activities. At CPP Global, Lean is what we are, through and through. The aim is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste in all aspects of our business, and it requires a Lean culture at every turn.

Since 2014, we have been transforming all associates into continuous improvement agents, providing them the tools, support and authority to drive waste out of all processes and improve the value we bring to our customers.

Our Lean Transformation has created immense value to our customers and employees through a philosophy of continuous improvement and positive results in all we do: design, innovation, cost, lead time, quality, and service. Lean is not an objective we achieve, but it is a way of life in how we operate and behave everyday.

The Sustainability Advantage

Gain a competitive edge with innovative sustainability solutions.
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